Vadim Guskov's team won the first ever Grigory Mkrtchyan Cup within the AHL playoff The final series of up to three victories started on November 4. In the first match, the Lions won a glorifying victory with a score of 15:4.

The Kuznetsov brothers were the main striking force: Maxim scored 9 (4+5) points, Artyom scored 8 (5+3) points. He scored exactly a third of the team's goals. In game No. 2 the match scenario was similar. The Lions again dealt with Pyunik without any problems, winning 10:5. This time the Kuznetsov brothers scored equally - eight each in the ratio 5+3 (Artyom) and 1+7 (Maxim). The third match turned out to be the last in the series and did not bring anything new. The Lions exceeded the 10-goal mark for the third time and won with a score of 11:4. The Kuznetsov brothers made the result again: Artyom scored 7 (4+3) points, Maxim - 5 (3+2) points. It is obvious that the Kuznetsovs show super-effective play, but their teammates also make a significant contribution to the result.

The Lions had a phenomenal first season in AHL history. Vadim Guskov's team won the regular season and playoffs.

The roster of the champion team: Goalkeepers: Sarkis Soghomonyan, Dmitry Mazanko, Airat Akhmitshin, Andre Gevondyan Defenders: Arman Enokyan, Khachatur Manukyan, Hovnan Markosyan, Armen Sargsyan, David Paroyants, Anatoly Pavlov, Yuri Mkrtchyan Forwards: Artyom Kuznetsov, Maxim Kuznetsov, Arthur Harutyunyan, Eric Mikaelyan (captain), Khachatur Ghazaryan, Hakob Karapetyan, Arsen Ambartsumyan, Alexander Gasparyan, Artyusha Agasaryan, David Sargsyan, Narek Avetisyan