Referee School Program

Referee School in the Ice Hockey Federation of Armenia is a training program designed to educate referees and beginners who want to become ice hockey referees. Program offers a comprehensive curriculum covering various aspects of officiating, such as understanding and applying the rules, proper positioning on the ice, effective communication with players and fellow officials, and managing game situations.

The training includes a combination of classroom instruction and practical on-ice experience, allowing participants to learn both the theoretical and practical aspects of refereeing. Main topics include rule interpretation, enforcement, and decision-making, as well as insights into the unique challenges posed by the fast-paced and physical nature of ice hockey.

Upon completing the program and meeting certification requirements, individuals can become accredited as Game Officials of the Ice Hockey Federation of Armenia, allowing them to officiate games sanctioned by the Ice Hockey Federation of Armenia at local, regional, and national levels.

The program aims to develop competent and knowledgeable officials who can ensure fair play, uphold the integrity of the sport, and contribute to a positive and safe environment for players and spectators.

This program was launched in 2023 and first held in September of the same year. The results lived up to all the expectations which proved the continuing importance of the school.