Goalkeeper School Program

Goalkeeper school in the Ice Hockey Federation of Armenia is a combination of specialized training programs designed to develop and improve the skills of goaltenders.

Programs are focused specifically on providing specialized training for the unique position of goaltending, addressing both the technical and mental aspects of the game. Programs include a combination of on-ice training and off-ice conditioning to help goalies enhance their agility, positioning, puck-handling, and other essential skills.
Goaltenders also receive instruction on understanding the game's strategies and tactics, as well as situational awareness during different game scenarios. In addition to trainings, programs include video analysis and mental preparation exercises to enhance a goaltender's overall performance.

The goal of Goalkeeper School in the Ice Hockey Federation of Armenia is to equip goaltenders with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in their position, whether they are playing at the youth, amateur or professional levels.

The Goalkeeper School program was launched in 2023 with participation of multiple professional coaches from Armenia and abroad.
As a result, multiple participants were nominated to represent the National Team of Armenia.