Kids School Program

Kids School or Youth Hockey Program in Ice Hockey Federation of Armenia, is designed to introduce and develop young players in the sport of ice hockey.
This program is tailored to children of ages 4-16, typically ranging from beginners to intermediate skill levels.
The focus is on providing a fun and educational environment where kids can learn the fundamentals of ice hockey while also fostering a love for the game.
Key features of the School include several programs:

1. Basic Skills Development: The program often covers fundamental skills such as skating, puck handling, passing, shooting, and basic game strategies. Coaches use age-appropriate drills and activities to teach these skills in an engaging manner.

2. Teamwork and Sportsmanship: Kids are taught the importance of teamwork, cooperation, and good sportsmanship. These values are emphasized both on and off the ice to promote a positive and inclusive hockey culture.

3. Game Simulation: Depending on the age group, there may be friendly scrimmages or modified games to allow kids to apply the skills they've learned in a game-like setting. This helps them gain a better understanding of how to play as part of a team.

4. Safety and Equipment: Instruction on proper equipment usage and safety protocols is included to ensure that young players are familiar with the necessary gear and understand how to stay safe on the ice.

5. Age-Appropriate Divisions: Programs are organized into different age groups and skill levels to ensure that the instruction and activities are suitable for the developmental stage of each child.

6. Positive Coaching: Trained coaches and instructors create a positive and encouraging learning environment, focusing on building confidence and a passion for the sport.

Ice Hockey Coaching School aims to produce well-rounded and effective coaches who can positively impact the development of players and teams.