Coaching School Program

The Coaching School in the Ice Hockey Federation of Armenia is an educational program designed to train and develop individuals interested in becoming effective and knowledgeable coaches for ice hockey teams at various levels. School caters to both aspiring coaches who are new to the profession and those seeking to enhance their coaching skills and knowledge.

Key components of Ice Hockey Coaching School includes:

1. Technical Instruction: Coaches-in-training learn the technical aspects of the game, including strategies, tactics, and system implementation. This covers offensive and defensive plays, special teams (power play and penalty kill), and player positioning.

2. Player Development: The program focuses on understanding and facilitating the development of players at different age and skill levels. This includes age-appropriate training methods, skill progression, and recognizing and addressing individual player needs.

3. Communication and Leadership: Coaches learn effective communication strategies, leadership skills, and how to motivate and inspire their players. Emphasis is often placed on creating a positive and inclusive team culture.

4. Game Management: Understanding the rules, time management, and decision-making during games are crucial aspects of coaching. Coaches learn how to make informed decisions under pressure and adapt strategies based on the flow of the game.

5. Off-Ice Preparation: School covers off-ice aspects, such as designing practice plans, conducting team meetings, and managing team logistics. This includes understanding the importance of physical conditioning, nutrition, and mental preparation for players.

6. Ethics and Sportsmanship: Coaches are educated on the ethical responsibilities of coaching, promoting fair play, respect, and sportsmanship. They play a key role in instilling these values in their players.

7. Certification: Successful completion of an Ice Hockey Coaching School in Armenian Ice Hockey Federation leads to coaching certification, which is required for coaches in national league teams.

The program first ran in 2021 and played a crucial role in introducing children to the sport of ice hockey. It helps kids develop fundamental skills, and foster a lifelong appreciation for physical activity and team sports.